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All rates include county water, sewer, and electricity (50, 30, 20 AMP service).

*Long-term reservations (monthly) require a $100 deposit.

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RV park rules

Please review the tabs for our park rules, regulations, and general information.

  • general information

    1. RVs over 10 years must call before making a reservation. We have the right to refuse accommodations based on the condition of the RV.
    2. All guests and visitors must check in upon arrival.
    3. Campers are responsible for their guests the entire time they are in the park.
    4. All children 12 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    5. Campers and Guests are responsible for the behavior of their children or any children visiting them at the park.
    6. Quiet time shall be from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Please be respectful of your neighbors.
    7. There shall be no vendor activity conducted on any site.
    8. RV sites cannot be sublet.
    9. Profanity and abusive language is never welcomed.
    10. No fireworks, BB guns, bows and arrows, firearms, explosives or any other weapons may be displayed in the park at any time.
    11. No chainsaws, axes or splitting of firewood allowed.
    12. NO HUNTING of any kind is allowed anywhere on the property.
    13. NO target shooting of any kind is allowed anywhere on the property.
    14. NO outdoor washing of any kind. This includes automobiles and/or RVs.
    15. A maximum of 5 persons are allowed to occupy a site.
    16. ATVs, dirt bikes, golf carts and go carts are not allowed to be driven on any campground or adjoining properties.
    17. No grilling or hot stoves allowed on picnic tables.
    18. Do not drive over/on the concrete patio.
    19. Public intoxication is not permitted in the park. Please keep alcoholic beverages in a cup or koozie.
    20. No illegal drugs are allowed anywhere in the park.
    21. Any damage incurred to any RV facilities will be charged to the responsible camper’s credit card.
    22. If you have any emergency while in the park, call 911 and give your site number.
    23. If you have any after-hours utility problems, call park management. DO NOT WORK on it yourself.
    24. Maintenance, repairs, or alterations to RVs MUST be performed by a licensed professional.
  • sites

    1. Campsites must be kept clean and uncluttered at all times. No storage is allowed under the unit.
    2. Please do not walk through another camper’s campsite. Most consider this rude and offensive.
    3. Moving from site to site is prohibited unless prior approval has been received by management.
    4. Kiddie, inflatable pools and hot tubs are not permitted.
    5. Electrical cookers/smokers are allowed; however, an electrical surcharge may apply.
    6. No display of alcoholic beverages. They must be kept in a cup or koozie. Possession or use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
    7. Smoking is not permitted in any park building or common area. Do no throw cigarette butts on the ground. Please dispose of them properly.
    8. No outside addition to RVs. Decks, porches or patios must be approved by management.
    9. Pet pens, dog houses and clothes lines/racks are prohibited.
    10. Nothing is to be built on the campsite. No sheds, buildings or structures allowed.
    11. No large rugs in grass unless approved by management.
    12. Radio/TVs and other electronic equipment volume must be as not to disturb neighbors.
    13. No generators allowed.
    14. Campfires are allowed in designated fir pits/fire rings only. All fires must be supervised and fully extinguished before leaving unattended.
    15. Burning of trash in firepits is strictly prohibited. Firewood only.
    16. Sewer connections must be made using a secure, leak proof adapter.
    17. Heated water hoses are required during winter camping.
    18. Campers must remove their water hoses when the temperature drops below freezing. Failure to unhook hoses will cause the spigot to freeze resulting in the damage to the water hookups.
    19. The water pressure in the park may fluctuate at times. We do recommend you attach a pressure reduction regulator to your water hose or camper/RV, especially older models. We will not be responsible for any broken water pipes.
    20. In case of emergency, management reserves the right to move vehicles or belongings without notice or liability.
    21. Guests must leave their site as they found it and be sure to clean up all debris at their site before departing.
  • vehicles

    1. The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH at all times.
    2. A maximum of 2 vehicles, in addition to the RV, are allowed on each site.
    3. All vehicles, including recreational vehicles, trailers and motorcycles must be registered and have current tags.
    4. Vehicles can only park at your site or in designated parking areas.
    5. Management approval is required for the use of overflow parking.
    6. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the street right of way.
    7. No parking on grass or unoccupied sites.
    8. No vehicles ma be repaired on site. NO oil changing.
    9. Our sites are angled to make parking easy. Do not pull into your site from the wrong direction. Please get parking instructions for your site at check in.
    10. Management approval is required for any exceptions to the parking guidelines.
    11. All vehicles must be driven safely and responsibly.
  • Trash

    1. All trash must be in bags and tied up.
    2. Do not leave trash out at any time.
    3. Please take your trash to the dumpsters located in the park.
    4. Dumpsters are for daily household trash ONLY. DO NOT put large items, construction scraps, wood, etc. in the dumpsters. Please see management for proper disposal of such items.
  • pets

    1.  We allow up to 2 pets pet site.
    2. Pets are limited to cats and dogs. Wild or exotic animals are not permitted.
    3. All pets must be well-behaved and non-aggressive and current on their vaccinations.
    4. Aggressive or barking dogs will NOT be tolerated.
    5. Guests must provide a copy of your pet’s current shot records at the time of check in.
    6. Pets must be accompanied by their owner at all times.
    7. Pets must be on a leash always. Your dog is your responsibility and must remain under your physical control at all times.
    8. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of the waste properly. This applies to the entire property.
  • Bodies of Water and hiking trails

    1. Please do not throw trash in the creeks or down on the ground while on the hiking trails.
    2. The fishing lake is not open for use at this time. Updates will be provided at a later date.
  • disclaimers

    1.  Owners and/or management are not responsibility for loss or damage of any property, whether on an assigned site or elsewhere in the park or on adjoining properties.
    2. Owners and/or management are not responsible for accidents, fire, theft, acts of nature, or injuries to clientele or guests.
    3. All guests/campers and their visitors use the park and park facilities at their own risk. Guests/campers and visitors agree to hold harmless and indemnify the park from and against all loss, liability and expense that may be incurred by the guest/camper.
    4. We reserve the right to evict any person(s) without refund for detrimental conduct or refusing to pay bills.
    5. We reserve the right to interpret our rules. Guest/campers and visitors who are uncooperative or violate park rules may be asked to leave without warning or refund.